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  "Enrich Life through technology" is the philosophy of Accuphase. Its products deliver true high fidelity sound reproduction that has brought worldwide success. Its product range includes pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated stereo amplifiers, SACD/CD players, digital processors, digital voicing equalizers and many other sophisticated products. The excellence of Accuphase products have won applause from consumers and renowned audio magazines all over the world for decades, and have won numerous awards.

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  Superior and excellent industrial technologies and those products manufactured by such technologies are only available by an accumulation of many highly advanced interrelated technologies consisting of raw material development, designing, installation of manufacturing facilities, inspection and measurement. Furthermore, creativity, insight or artistic sensitivities are also vital. Such a technology as attaining maximum purity in raw materials is an important technology that has maintained the high levels of Japanese industrial technologies, and creates certain items that can only be manufactured in Japan.

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  In the world of pro audio, AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with excellence for several decades.

Around the world recording studios, radio and TV stations, opera houses and famous stages count on AKG products. Internationally known musicians and show-stars have frequently been seen using our high-quality microphones and headphones for many decades. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment.

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Blue Arua
  Blue Aura is a new name entering the UK audio market. With over thirty years experience in the Hi-Fi industry, its aim is to harness that experience and employ it in the development of new and innovative products that we hope will help ignite your enthusiasm for listening to music.

Its design philosophy is based on being able to provide products offering great performance, aligned with exceptional build quality whilst incorporating latest technological developments in electronics and manufacturing.

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  The BOOM Movement [Born on Original Motives] rose out of Southern California´s culture of renegades: street artists, surfers, extreme sports fanatics and underground musicians.

Never content with being part of the uninspired masses, BOOM´s Founders seek to create quality sound products, art, and clothing that reflect the BOOM lifestyle.

By doing so, we endeavor to unleash an uprising against preconceived molds; and to encourage free thinkers everywhere to defy tradition, push the limits and act on original motives.Sound Inspires. Be BOOM.

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  Cabasse. A good-sounding name, but where does it come from? Founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, the Cabasse firm inherited not only its creator´s name, but also his genius. Georges Cabasse is from the world of music, and he is gifted with a special talent. He has a unique memory for sounds. Probably a gift from his ancestors, hailing back to a stringed instrument maker who crafted the first violin signed Cabasse in 1740 at Mirecourt in the Vosges Mountains. Five generations of craftsmen followed him, pursuing the tradition and supplying Europe with violins, violas and cellos, most of which are still being played in orchestras today. The fact remains that Georges Cabasse´s obsession is to perfectly reproduce the concerts he loves, without any alteration, coloration or distortion in the sound. This boundless passion has led him to relentlessly innovate, transmit and share his exacting requirements with the rest of the Cabasse team, so that all ears can enjoy the essence and thrill of pure sound.

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  Case-Mate began with a simple desire - to craft a portfolio of classically-styled technology accessories inspired by a thoughtful approach to elegant materials, detailed assembly, and finishing detail. Our products are uniquely designed to protect, adorn and enhance the mobile devices of the distinctly well-styled individual.For the distinctly well-styled individual, our purpose is to design fashionable accessories with looks meticulously engineered, elegantly finished, and made from stylish materials that have long been established as the highest standard in quality and appearance.

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  Chario is an Italian manufacturer of loudspeakers which has been pursuing a relentless course of technological research and design since 1975. The technical and aesthetic perfection of Chario loudspeakers originated from a passion for music and its reproduction. All Chario loudspeakers are painstakingly designed and hand built in Italy with no compromises, ensuring pride of ownership for years to come!

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  Cyrus has been acclaimed as a brand designing and manufacturing high performance hi-fi equipment dating back to 1980s. Run and designed by perfectionists passionate about reproduction of music, Cyrus develops for music enthusiasts a system that offers the highest possible quality in every facet of intelligent audio design.

The superiority of the Cyrus intelligent audio design lies in the electronic engineering of the audio components and Cyrus trademark hand-finished die-cast chassis. The magnetic free aluminium alloy made chassis is designed not only for endurance but also for eliminating interference among mechanical parts as well as prevention of resonance. Moreover, the die-cast chassis design is undeniably stylish and fits in with different home decor easily.

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Definitive Technology
  Definitive Technology is the best-selling brand of audiophile grade loudspeakers in the USA. Audio critics and consumers alike praise Definitive loudspeakers for their superior materials, precise workmanship and uncompromising sound quality. Definitive was founded by and is managed today by audiophiles and music enthusiasts for whom achieving audio perfection is a lifetime goal.

Since its inception in 1990, Definitive has won an astounding number of awards and enthusiastic reviews from leading audio/video print magazines and websites. Frankly there are too many to list them all here but the photo on this page gets the point across.

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  Created in 2004, EarSonics is the French leader on in-ear-monitors devices and supply all the most famous French singers and musicians. Their Knowledge in sound, acoustic and musicians area drives them to develop the unique loudness hearing protection Earpad®.

"I am very demanding in terms of sound. I love the warm tones, precise and never aggressive, powerful bass and treble finesse. Like all musicians, I see the sound for music." By Franck Lopez, the Founder of EarSonics.

100% French
All products are 100% designed and manufactured in premises of Montpellier, in southern France.

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  In 1987, In order to bring the highest level musical experience to demanding audiophiles, TEAC launched the "ESOTERIC" brand which exclusively engineered and manufactured high end audio products. ESOTERIC´s first introductions included the P-1 / D-1 separate CD player system and the R-1 DAT recorder. The P-1 was ESOTERIC´s first introduction of the truly unique VRDS (Vibration-free Rigid Disc Clamping System) mechanism attracting serious attention among many true audiophiles of that era.

Since then, Esoteric has continuously to develop a fuller line-up of super hi-end components such as SACD/CD Players, Pre Amp, Power Amp, Integrated Amp, Master Clock and DAC etc which aiming to reproduce the finest original music with emotion from Recording Studio to real life.

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  Everki is a California, USA-based manufacturer of high-quality, stylish and innovative lifestyle products that carry and protect the digital equipment we use every day. Everki products package comfort, convenience, and versatility in functional and ergonomic form and present them with a professional touch. The company distributes throughout North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe and caters to customers from all walks of life.

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  iDance is a leading audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion, Dj and action sports lifestyles. iDance distinctive logo symbolize youth, rebellion love and passion. The company´s motto "it is your life, it is your style."

More than great design, iDance puts more value in your pack in adding some Software as Magix Mufin Player to organise your music, or PCDJ DEX2 LE, DJ software that let you mix your music, from your computer or your itunes Play list. More than words, you will get real power in iDance audio packs.

iDance provides a variety of headphones and earbuds that are targeting to be used and abused in all kind of everyday lifestyles. There is no need to ruining you to get your style, iDance provides 2 main collections in a year, that are shot as fashion show. In ear, or over the ear, stuffs, at accessible price level. But don´t forget, NO compromise, our products looks good, and they sound good.

Most of our products come with the in-line microphone, making them compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod or tablet.

As music matters, iDance team, product specialist, designer, engineer, are all music lover, musicians, Djs or producers.

iDance - it is your life, it is your style.

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  iLuv Creative Technology is the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle. Born in New York City, the heart of design and innovation, iLuv has evolved into a worldwide premium brand garnering both media and consumer respect along the way. iLuv stands for "Innovative Lifestyle Unquestionable Value," a mantra that has been fully validated not only by our 35 prestigious CES Innovations, iF, Good Design and red dot awards, but also by countless media accolades and a whole host of satisfied customers.

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  iUi Design, a leader in design of compact high-performance powered speaker form factor has expanded its businesses and services into Bluetooth and headphone devices. The company begins its products launch in Q4, 2010 to drive the inevitable breakthrough of mobile phones into everyday life by creating high-quality, user-friendly wireless devices for easy living. We pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge products that are easy to use and work straight out of the box.

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  From 1987, for over twenty years, Micromega has proudly designed and manufactured some of the world´s best-regarded digital and analogue audio ´hi-fi´ equipment.

Combining the highest level of faithful music reproduction, revolutionary aesthetics, reliability and user friendliness, Micromega is one of just a few audio companies who have truly changed the world of high fidelity music reproduction by achieving a perfect balance of technical innovation and performance.

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  Monster® is the world´s leading manufacturer of premium headphones and advanced connectivity solutions for high-performance home entertainment, audio, home theater, computer and gaming, as well as a leading innovator in the - field of mobile accessories and professional audio.

Head Monster Noel Lee founded the company over 35 years ago with a commitment to making music sound better. Monster revolutionized the music industry in 2006 with the creation of Beats™ by Dr. Dre. Under its Monster CableR brand, the company leads the way in advanced audio, video, and data connectivity solutions, and under the Monster Power® brand, it provides high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems.

Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 350 U.S. and international patents and 100 pending, offering over 6,000 products in over 120 countries worldwide.

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Ruark Audio
  Ruark Audio is a family-owned British company, passionate about sound and design. At Ruark, it has been making world-class loudspeakers enjoyed by music and audio enthusiasts for over thirty years. Today Ruark has applied those same principles to design and create a new generation of perfectly formed music systems with wide ranging appeal that look fabulous in any space, whether your living room, bedroom or office.

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  Since the founding of Polk in 1972, it´s been our mission to craft high quality, great sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone. For the people of Polk, designing and building authentic audio solutions is our true passion.

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  Sellot is the leading expert in luxury tech accessories for high fashion audience, with a celebrity fan base and worldwide press coverage, its tightly controlled distribution network pave ways to the finest and most prestigious fashion l´endroits. From Harvey Nichols to 10 Corso Como it has created a new standard for luxury tech accessories across three contents. Collaborating with Artist and Designers from Europe and Asia, its highly trained team of technicians manipulated precious materials from crocodile skin to diamond and from laser-cut Plexiglas to silk embroidery conveying ideas into dreams.

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  Soen Audio was founded in California by industry leading designers, acoustic engineers and craftsmen brought together by their passions to create the world's finest audio products.

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SOUL Electronics
  Established in 2009, SOUL Electronics´ mission is to create quality sound for every lifestyle.

SOUL is innovative and technologically advanced. Our team stays on top of trends and constantly studies the needs and desires of consumers. SOUL understands that consumers have different uses for their headphones. SOUL offers consumer products that are suitable for their specific needs, and you will find POWER, CLARITY and COMFORT as core elements in all SOUL products. With years of research by some of the audio industry´s most prestigious and experienced engineers, SOUL brings you the industry´s best headphones that masterfully balance elements such as world-class noise cancellation technology, powerful SOUL signature sound quality, comfort and fashion, while allowing you to experience the full range of your music at ease.

Start the journey and find the headphone that is best for you!

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  Soundfreaq is a global co-op of craftsmen - designers and engineers - with deep expertise in consumer electronics and a passion for great sound. By working outside the limitations of a traditional corporate structure, Soundfreaq is able to develop products from the ground up that deliver premium sound for a wireless world and provide maximum value to consumers. All Soundfreaq speakers stream audio wirelessly, making every product compatible with today´s and tomorrow´s wireless devices. The company has been honored with multiple awards for its highly praised wireless speakers, including the "Mashable Choice" award in 2013, "Best in Show" from iLounge at CES 2012 and 2013 and "Gear of the Year" from WIRED Magazine in 2011. Twine International and LA-based creative incubator Goodhatch created Soundfreaq in November 2010.

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  Tannoy, established by Mr. Guy R. Fountain in London, the United Kingdom in 1926, is one of the longest established audio companies in the world for loudspeaker systems production.

The word "Tannoy" has been an entry in "Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary" for a long time and means "a trademark, type of loudspeaker system".

Tannoy´s world famous proprietary Dual Concentric Point Source Technology™ was born in 1948. By placing a high frequency drive unit physically inside a low frequency driver, Tannoy engineers have created a true point source that exhibits constant directivity and unparalleled linearity for resolving the problem of time and phase differences. Moreover, the Wideband Technique™ of Tannoy can minimize phase shift within the human audible range thereby improving the dynamic effect of music.

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TDK Life on Record
  TDK Life on Record headphones and audio products carry on the tradition of TDK´s rich audio legacy. TDK continue to evolve our audio products to provide consumers universal audio flexibility and portability in every area of their lives, all while keeping a commitment to high fidelity audio and Signature Sound.

Our newest wireless products create an ecosystem that gives consumers high fidelity audio with universal input flexibility and portability in all areas of their lives.

The TDK Life on Record line offers clean, striking design carefully crafted to focus on performance.

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  TEAC is a renowned Japanese brand which stands for high quality and high performance. TEAC is a world leader of recording and storage media solutions and produces an entire spectrum of components for both high-fidelity audio systems.

The TEAC product range includes LCD TV and HDMI DVD players and receivers, home theater systems as well as a line of innovative multimedia products that utilises cutting edge technologies.

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  Italian design, quality, creativity, research, innovation, colour. For over the last twenty-five years this has been Tucano, the Italian brand of bags and accessories for digital devices appreciated worldwide.

With its steadily growing sales trend, Tucano is backed by a solid and far-reaching presence in the Italian market and aims at constantly asserting its brand in the European and in the foreign markets through strategic partnerships with the leading local distributors and through its subsidiaries Tucano USA in the United States, Tucano Dongguan in Asia, and the Madrid commercial offices for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Tucano´s success has been pursued with drive, determination, intuition and a good dose of creativity. The attitude towards research and innovation, the attention to the booming market for high-tech products to which Tucano has dedicated its internal production, and the team of Italian designers have all boosted sales over the years, along with the brand´s increasingly international reputation.

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  V-MODA is the direct result of a vision Val had after a summer in Ibiza where he had experienced the world´s greatest DJs, clubs and the unparalleled vibe of the White Isle. Val strategized how to capture this unique culture and share it with the world by incorporating a love for the sound experience into a high-end lifestyle revolving around music, fashion and audio art. Upon his return to Los Angeles Val found himself on Rodeo Drive watching a woman step out of her Rolls Royce dressed to the 9s in haute couture. As he was sketching the first V-MODA clothing line at a cafe, he analyzed her eclectic style and noticed the achilles heel of her in-vogue appearance was cheap plastic white headphones. He had an epiphany - a designer headphone made out of metals with audiophile sound would be the perfect "fashion cymbal" of a true lifestyle brand centered around music.

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