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With the belief of "Quality Products for Assurance, Excellent Service with Customers First", DCH Food Mart puts great effort in providing quality products and service to customers.

Establishing in 1992, DCH Food Mart provides various high quality frozen seafood, meat, poultry, dried seafood and basic groceries sourced globally. In 2007, DCH Food Mart Deluxe is launched as a premium specialty store, providing a full range of world-wide gourmet food like quality seafood, premium dried seafood, fine meat, delicate foie gras, finest wine and imported fresh fruits and vegetables.

Today, DCH Food Mart and DCH Food Mart Deluxe operate more than 70 stores and have become the market leader in the frozen food specialty chain stores in Hong Kong.

Club Membership

The "DCH Food Mart Member Club", "Epicure Member Club" and "DCH Food Mart Deluxe Member Club", offer various benefits and privileges to more than 800,000 members.

Online Shopping

DCH Food Mart has launched the "DCH Food Mart Deluxe - Gourmet Delivery Service" website, providing customers with one-stop convenient shopping experience and gourmet choices.

For more details, please visit:


Quality Guarantee


DCH Food Mart always emphasizes the safety and quality of food products. All imported frozen food undergo strict control and approval procedures, from sourcing, processing, delivery to sales at stores. The DCH Food Processing Centre, located in Kwai Chung, has obtained the ISO 22000 certification which signifies a worldwide recognition of its food safety management system. DCH Food Mart also took the lead in the food retail industry to implement the "30-Day Shopping Guarantee" service to further strengthen customers´ confidence in shopping our stores.

Awards and Recognitions


The efforts of DCH Food Mart have attributed to the obtainment of several service awards in recent years, including the "Quality Tourism Service Certification" for fifteen consecutive years since 2001 and the "No Fakes Pledge" merchant accredited by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association from 2005-2015. In 2006, DCH Food Mart was awarded the "Hong Kong Top Service Brand" which recognized its excellent customer service in the market. Besides, most of the DCH Food Mart Deluxe has acquired the HKQAA-5S Certification which signifies the quality management of stores. The 5 Year Plus Caring Company logo, granted by Hong Kong Council of Social Services, also recognizes DCH Food Mart´s effort in demonstrating good corporate citizenship.


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