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2017.10.12 Dah Chong Hong Holdings Proactively Promotes Sustainable Seafood
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited  

Hong Kong is the second largest per capita consumer of seafood in Asia and the eighth largest in the world. Therefore, the choices we make as consumers have a far-reaching impact on the marine environment. At the same time, as one of the important sources of daily commodities, supermarkets play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable seafood.

World Wild Fund for Nature Hong Kong (WWF Hong Kong) recently announced the results of an investigation entitled “Risk of Sourcing Seafood in Hong Kong Supermarket”. The report ranked nine supermarket groups according to their efforts to promote Sustainable Seafood. As a result of an ongoing initiative to source sustainably, DCH Food Mart achieved the second highest ranking overall and the highest for its sustainable product range which avoids the sale of threatened ocean species.

In alignment with our company’s values of "Guaranteed Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service", DCH Food Mart and DCH Food Mart Deluxe have been working with the Food Trading team to protect marine life and make sure Hong Kong’s seafood lovers can choose sustainable options. The WWF report recognizes the dedicated efforts made by our staff members and will help the public know that the seafood they buy from DCH Food Mart stores has been carefully selected to help us all care for our oceans.

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