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2018.06.29 Dream Come True
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited  

In everyday life, we sometimes experience car engine noises or a bumpy ride. We may have never thought that having a comfortable and safe journey relies on a team of professional mechanic like Leung Siu Ting (Ting) from our Nissan Motor Service Center. Every day, he helps car owners to solve problems hoping to deliver a better drive for them.

“The most impressive experience so far is repairing an automatic window over a period of a few days. (Is this true – specify the time period) We reviewed the possible reasons for the dysfunction but the window was still out-of-order. One day, I suddenly stepped back and spotted the solution.” Ting said. Repairing a car is never easy. It requires critical thinking in addition to a pair of skillful hands. Besides, thinking from different aspects is important. That’s what Ting has learned throughout his 8-year career.

Because of his dedication, he performs well in his position and has won the trust of his supervisor to join the Nissan Service Technician Excellence Competency (NISTEC) Asia regional contest. He represented Hong Kong and competed with another 7 regional representatives in Asia. He finally won the championship thanks to his talent and experience.

Ting still enjoys his work as an auto mechanic. “As a car lover, you don’t just love to drive. You are also curious and passionate about the engineering and everything that goes into the vehicles. That’s also what I wanted to explore when I was young!”

Everyone has their favourite hobby but not everyone can turn it into a career. Luckily, Ting found his passion and has been able to it into a good career that can support his family. He takes great pride in his work and finds a lot of satisfaction in problem solving to help others.


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