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At DCH, sustainable development means growing and prospering with our community. We strive to pursue quality living for our future generations as well as create the best value for stakeholders. Caring for our society and respecting the environment is not only an integral part of our corporate culture, but also the cornerstone for the Group´s success. As a well-established conglomerate with key focus on consumer market, we are always committed to planning and expanding our business in a sustainable way through engaging all stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, the environment, the community and our employees.







Embracing the principle of “Giving Back to the Society”, DCH contributes to the society by leveraging our expertise in food, electrical appliances, logistics and motor businesses. Our philanthropic donations, in kind sponsorships and community services focus on the care and assistance for the underprivileged, children and the elderly in Hong Kong, mainland China and beyond. Different charity activities are organised including elderly home visits, donations to Food Bank, sponsorships to fundraising activities and service programmes for the underprivileged children, children with serious illness or learning disabilities.

DCH Volunteer Team was established in 2012 with an aim to cultivate the seeds of caring across the Group, encourage more staff to participate in community service and care for those people in need. Following the successful model of DCH Volunteer team in Hong Kong, regional volunteer teams have also been established in mainland China - including Yunnan, Southern China, Eastern China and Jiangzhong region to further advocate our philosophy of giving back to the society. Besides, regular trainings and supports are provided to develop our volunteers and nurture volun-leaders, equipping our volunteers with relevant skillsets to build a better living for people in need.

With our firm belief in people-oriented spirits, DCH has been recognised as a Caring Company by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2006. In 2015, we were garnered the Bronze award in Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award - Volunteer Category by Hong Kong Productivity Council and was also awarded the Corporate Citizenship Logo in the Enterprise Category.


Being an employer of choice, we are dedicated to supporting, rewarding, developing and motivating our employees appropriately. Staff development and wellness are our priorities. We offer a wide spectrum of professional and leadership skills training courses and seminars as well as recreational activities for staff at all levels on an ongoing basis. The group also cares about employees' physical and mental health and organise regular activities for our staff and their family members to help them achieve work-life balance.


DCH is committed to promoting green living inside and outside our office. We advocate the principle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace” in our daily operations. In addition to the green measures in the office, DCH has been supporting a number of local and international environmental groups in their environmental protection initiatives. From time to time, the DCH “Green Care” Committee organises workshops, outings and seminars to encourage our staff to adopt an environmentally responsible lifestyle and inspire their friends and families to develop a sustainable tomorrow for future generations.

Through our devoted effort in environmental protection, we have been recognised by various environmental and regulatory authorities, including:

Award Organisation
“Class of Excellence” in “Wastewi$e Label”, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental ExcellenceEnvironmental Campaign Committee
“Class of Excellence” in “Energywi$e Label”, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental ExcellenceEnvironmental Campaign Committee
“Carbon “Less” 3% Certificate”, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental ExcellenceEnvironmental Campaign Committee
“IQAwi$e Labels”, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental ExcellenceEnvironmental Campaign Committee
“Gold Label” in the Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) Labelling SchemeWorld Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong
“Pearl Membership”World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong
“Pilot Companies” in the “Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS)”World Green Organisation
“Better World Company”Junior Chamber International Hong Kong


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