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2013.10.30 Eight DCH Volunteers Visited Rural Villages in Yunnan
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

Eight DCH Volunteers Visited Rural Villages in Yunnan

To Light Up Children's Hope in Learning

(Hong Kong, 16 October 2013) —Riding on the Mobile Classroom sponsored by DCH and co-founded by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and Kunming Young Volunteers Association, eight dedicated volunteers of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited ("DCH" or the "Group"; stock code: 01828) from Hong Kong and mainland China took part in an eight-day journey to visit schools and villagers in Malu Township, Luquan County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, sending rural residents not only the warmest regards but also the hope for a better education.

Mobile Classroom, a minivan well equipped with educational resources such as textbooks, musical instruments, laptop computer and educational toys, has been paying regular visits to villages and schools located in some of the most remote and rural areas, with the mission of keeping children's hopes alive and terminating the cycle of inter-generational poverty through providing all-round educational support.

Coming from various district headquarters of DCH, the eight volunteers made remarkable effort in fund raising and raised a total of over HKD70,000 from internal staff. The donation will be used to fund the operation of the Mobile Classroom. With the same mission, volunteers from different places gathered in Yunnan to send their warmest regards to the children and villagers.

"Our Group has been actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. We have extended our business to Yunnan province 20 years ago and keep giving back to the needy people in the local community.Apart from those eight volunteers, 30 Kunming local staff volunteers also showed their support by participating in the opening ceremony of the Mobile Classroom. It demonstrated that all of us are devoted to spread our love and we wish to see more rural residents benefitted from the programme in the future" says Alvin Chan, General Manager of Yunnan Region of DCH, expressed his full support towards the program.

Development Milestones of Mobile Classroom

In 2010, DCH donated HKD500,000 to support the founding of Mobile Classroom by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, benefiting children, elderly and families living in remote areas in Mainland China. Serving its first mission in Sichuan Province, Mobile Classroom circulates two rural villages each month to provide various services and supports to the residents.

In the second half of 2011, four DCH pioneer volunteers took the initiative to serve rural areas in Sichuan Province. Recognising the effort in which villagers benefit greatly not only from material assistance but more importantly the warm regards and care brought by regular services of the Mobile Classroom, our Group realised that there was a surging demand for such voluntary social services. Hence, DCH donated another HKD500,000 to establish the second Mobile Classroom, extended its reach of mountain villagers in need.

By early 2012, the second Mobile Classroom has been deployed to serve Sichuan. Eight of DCH's volunteers from both Hong Kong and Mainland China embarked on a service trip to Sichuan from 7th to 13th June the same year, witnessing the enhancement on quality of life and mental well-being of the villagers after a year of service and support by the Mobile Classrooms.

Mobile Classroom entered its third year on 2013. Embracing the mission of the Mobile Classroom, we extended the service to Yunnan. From 9th to 16th October 2013, eight dedicated volunteers of DCH took part in an eight-day journey to visit schools and villagers in Malu Township, Luquan Yi, sending rural residents the warmest regards and brightening their hopes of life.

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